NAPT – The North American Poker Tour

The North American Poker Tour (NAPT) is a new poker tour from the creation of PokerStars.  Official annoucement was made Jan 6, 2010 that this is a definate go.  4 stops have been annouced so far with the NAPT starting off with the 2010 PCA.  Now the NAPT Season 2 has officially been announced so the tour has survived the first season and moved on to a new one, though so far only 3 stops have survived the cut.  There is good insider information that the NAPT is still very interested in securing stops in Canada and are in talks right now.  Other than the NAPT here are the other poker stars sponsored events:

  • Latin America Poker Tour (LAPT)
  • European Poker Tour (EPT)
  • Asia Pacific Poker Tour (APPT)
  • Australia and New Zealand Poker Tour (ANZPT)
  • Italian Poker Tour (IPT)
  • PokerStars Caribbean Adventure (PCA)


The following information is subject to change. Keep a look out for more events being announced soon.

Event Date (Main Event) Venue Buy-In
PCA January 8-14, 2011 Atlantis, Bahamas $10,000 + 300
NAPT Mohegan Sun April 9-13, 2011 Mohegan Sun, Uncasville, CT $4,700 + 300
NAPT Los Angeles March 5-10, 2011 The Bike, Los Angeles, CA $4,700 + 300

Right now the only way to satellite into NAPT events is through Poker Stars

They are holding satellites giving away $5,500 prize packages which can be used for North American Poker Tour events.  Also passport money may also be possibly used for NAPT packages, for SuperNova players.

Stay here for all the latest news regarding the North American Poker Tour, NAPT events, satellites to the NAPT …


NAPT in Jeopardy of being no more

Due to the recent unjust actions by the U.S. Department of Justice, there is a good chance that the North American Poker Tour (NAPT) will be cancelled in its entirety.  There’s also a very good chance that the Mohegan Sun NAPT events will no longer be aired on ESPN, which is a damned shame because of the great performances by Jason Mercier and Vanessa Selbst.  Friday April 15 was a very sad day for poker indeed, hopefully there will be better news in the future.

NAPT Mohegan Sun Title Defenses

In a remarkably stunning turn of events both Vanesa Selbst and Jason Mercier have successfully defended their NAPT Mohegan Sun titles!  Both PokerStars Pros, Vanessa Selbst won the NAPT Mohegan Sun main event for $450,000 and moments later Jason Mercier won the NAPT Mohegan Sun Bounty Shootout again for $246,000.

Vanessa bested a field of 387 players including a tough final table.  Heads-up she battled the entertaining Dan Shak and eventually took him out with her K7, good for 2 pair over the lone pair for Shak.

Jason Mercier won the final table by beating Eugene Katchalov heads-up at the final table.  He also finished the tournament with the lead in bounties with 8, the next best were Katchalov and Joe Sweeney with 5.

Stay tuned for next’s season North American Poker Tour event and perhaps watch as these 2 great poker players go for a three-peat!

NAPT Los Angeles is no more

Breaking News, only a few days before the scheduled Bicycle Casino stop of the NAPT, the NAPT part has been dropped.  PokerStars has withdrawn sponsorship of the once NAPT Los Angeles stop.  The March 5th event will also lose the ESPN exposure though the Bounty Shootout on March 20 is still planned to be televised.  The new series will now be called the Big Event and will still proceed as planned.

It has been revealed that the sponsorship withdrawing had everything to do with California gaming regulators and the link to online poker.  Though the Los Angeles stop is now gone, this does not restrict other California stops to become potential NAPT targets though.

The next NAPT stop is scheduled for April 9th to 13th at Mohegan Sun in Connecticut and still looks ok to go.

NAPT Season 2 Announced

During the closing ceremonies of the 2011 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure (PCA) in Bahamas, PokerStars announced that the North Amercan Poker Tour (NAPT) will go ahead and run fully for Season 2.  The NAPT Season 2 schedule has not been completely set yet but two returning stops will definately be at The Bicycle Casino in Los Angeles from March 5-10 and The Mohegan Sun in Connecticut from April 8-13, 2011.  Both events drew over 700+ players for the main events.

Based on the success of the recent PCA events, both of these stops will also be televised, ESPN in the United States as well as TSN in Canada and Channel 4 in the United Kingdom.

It is expected that PokerStars will make an official Press Release about the NAPT Season 2 sometime this week.

Galen Hall wins 2011 PCA Main Event

Galen Hall is your newest PCA (and NAPT) main event champion.  The 24 year old from San Francisco entered heads-up vs the erratic Chris Oliver with a 4:1 chip deficit.  But he managed to fight his way to the title, cracking QQ with A8s on the final hand, and pocketing $2.4 million.

This event was the first time a NAPT event was streamed live on ESPN.  There was a one hour tape delay, but viewers were able to catch all the action and not just editor cuts.

Also William Molson of Canada bested out 150 other players to take home the 2011 PCA High Rollers Event.  This $25,000 buy-in had a prize pool of almost $4 million, and with the first place Will Molson won over $1.072 million, the biggest win of his career.

Another Canadian, Andrew Chen also took home a PCA title by winning the $5,000 Bounty Shootout for a total of $269,000.  On the final hand, Chen knocked out both Shaun Deeb and Michael Binger to win it all.

This marked the end of the 2011 PCA, 2012 PCA should be even bigger.  Here is hoping that the next NAPT event will be announced soon as well.